Sunday, November 22, 2009

November meeting

A couple of clarifications:1. It would also be nice if the moderator could send out an update after the meeting if any decisions are made, or if there is any discussion that should be shared with the rest of the group (thanks, Sandy, for thinking of that!)2. Forest City Stockade is December 5th (I had December 4th in my previous email).And I forgot to send the info on Sock Wars and Iron Knitter (one of the many topics that came up at the meeting). So, for those of you interested in Sock Wars V and/or Iron Knitter, you can get all the info at The registration deadline is January 2, 2010. Sock Wars starts January 15, and Iron Knitter starts January 20. There's also a group on Ravelry - You can sign up for just one event or both (I signed up for both; I already know I'm crazy, so you don't have to tell me).Quoting> Quick update from our meeting last week:>> We will continue this year with taking turns to as "moderator" for > the monthly meetings. In addition, we will not have a Secretary; > instead, the member leading that month's meeting will also send out > the meeting reminder. If anyone is willing to be a moderator, but > would prefer to not send out the reminder, feel free to mention that > at one of the meetings and probably someone else would be willing to > do that part of it. A few people have volunteered already, so > here's the list:>> January - Pam> February -> March - Jenna> April - Wendy> May - Sharon> June - Karen?> July - Karen?> August - Nancy> September -> October -> November -> December ->> We are tentatively planning to have the summer meetings in the homes > of the moderators, since we will probably not have access to the > school at that time. If you'd like to sign up for one of the open > months, let me know (I'm still secretary through the end of > December); otherwise, we'll just fill them in as we go.>> We also decided to start a group on Ravelry, which Karen has already > done for us! Karen and Sarah are the moderators for the Ravelry > group, so if you have questions specific to that, feel free to check > with them. If you haven't joined Ravelry, you should definitely > consider it. Go to to sign up, and then our group > is>> Forest City Stockade Pioneer Christmas - Saturday, December 4, 11am-5pm> Once again, we are demonstrating at this event. Demonstrators > should be in costume and should arrive a little early to set up. We > are welcome to sell our handspun/handknit/handwoven items. We will > receive "wooden nickels," which basically means free lunch! At this > time, it sounds like Wendy, Anna, Sharon, Rachel and Jessica are > planning to be there. Even if you can't demo, consider stopping by > to say Hi and check out the rest of the event!>> Christmas Party with the Mississippi River Spinners - Thursday, > December 10, 6pm> Some of you have already received the official invite, but for any > who haven't, here it is:> "The Mississippi River Spinners Guild requests the honor of your > presence at our annual Christmas party to be held at 6:00 p.m. on > Thursday, December 10, 2009, at Crafts Direct in Waite Park.> It will be a pot luck again this year with our group furnishing the > plates, napkins, eating utensils and beverages. Two $25.00 gift > certificates from Crafts Direct will be awarded as door prizes. > There will also be an optional gift exchange. Those wanting to > participate in the gift exchange should bring a fiber-related gift > in the $15.00 to $20.00 price range.> We're looking forward to seeing all of you next month.">> 3rd Annual Winter Fiber Swap/Sale - Monday, December 28> Please make note of the date change from Saturday to Monday! We > will probably start around 10am, there will be a potluck, and > hopefully lots of fiber and fiber-related items to swap or sell > (it's kind of like a giant stash-stirring party). More details to > follow (including directions to Karen's house).>> If I've missed anything that should be shared, those of you who were > at the meeting should feel free to jump in. Otherwise, hope to see > everyone at one (or all) of the December events!>> Jessica>

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